Composite Roofing

Our composite roofing consists of an inner liner sheet and an outer panel encompassing an insulated core. Old asbestos roofing can become tired and weathered over time. The corrugated composite modern roofing system provides excellent airtightness and insulation. The system has gained popularity year on year due to its unique shape and enhanced strength. Composite panels are available in a wide range of coatings and insulation thickness's suited to and range of commercial, industrial and agricultural buildings.

Gutter Maintenance
Composite Roofing

We supply, install, refurbish, repair and replace all roofing sheets leaving your business secure, safe and leak-free. We understand your day-to-day business needs to continue running during the installation and all work we undertake is kept to a minimum ensuring your business has the very least disruption during the installation of singles skin, double skin, composite panels and overlay systems.


Fabclad offer commercial and industrial composite roofing services throughout the UK. Contact us today for a FREE site survey via the contact form below or our contact us page.

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