Industrial Rooflights / Skylights

Studies have proven the benefits of natural light for workplace productivity. In 2008, a study of 1,000 city workers by the Federation for Small Businesses found that 22% of workers got less than 20 minutes of daylight a day. As a result, two-thirds of participants suffered from depression and four out of five blamed their lack of motivation in their sunless working environments.

Skylights also are known as roof lights can, over time, become dull and aged due to various types of weather. The dullness of roof lights can affect employees in many ways as mentioned above. Fixings that hold the skylights in place can also rust and eventually come loose. The rusting can stain skylights leaving them with a yellow finish. When they come loose they then pose a threat to your internal assets, by allowing leakage.

At Fabclad, our team are fully trained to work at heights and provide the best solution to this problem that can occur over time. We supply, install and replace skylights/roof lights that are defected. Leaving your employees with the light they need to stay positive and motivated to work harder. Contact us via the contact form below or give our team a call today. We are more than happy to give advice and provide and top quality, affordable service throughout the UK.

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