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With over 35 years’ experience installing roofing and cladding throughout the West Midlands and nationally in all areas of the UK, Fabclad specialises in the installation and maintenance of External Cladding for the commercial and industrial sectors.

Cladding is a cost-effective solution for protecting your building’s exterior, being very hard-wearing and extremely durable. Building cladding is an incredibly effective solution for protecting your building against the elements. Installing exterior wall cladding also helps make your building more energy-efficient, retaining heat inside your building in the winter and keeping it cool in the Summer.

We specialise in installing a large range of exterior cladding solutions. We also specialise in commercial and industrial roofing. Contact us for more information and a FREE quote for any of our external cladding services.


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Here at Fabclad, we know that professional and precise work is always a must. That's why we employ highly trained staff to design and manufacture the cladding or roofing you need. We work with our customers not against them and take all your product needs into consideration.


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